Template email to send to your friends and colleagues about the UCU General Secretary Election 2019

Adapt as necessary to make it more personal!

* * *

Dear [X; if you are sending to multiple people, put the addressees in bcc]

If you are a UCU member, you are able to vote for our next General Secretary (GS).

Ballots will be posted out on 29 April and voting ends on 23 May: the only way to vote is to post back your ballot. This is the most important position in our trade union and we are lucky to be given a chance to vote for it. Turnout has been very low in previous GS elections: we need to do better!

There are three candidates (in alphabetical surname order): Jo Grady, Jo McNeill, and Matt Waddup.

I am writing to urge you to vote for Jo Grady. I am supporting Jo Grady because [add your own reason(s)].

You can:
– read Jo’s manifesto and explore her website: https://grady4gs.com/manifesto/
– watch her campaign video: https://youtu.be/eGFYiyOv26w
– keep up to date with her campaign by joining her mailing list: https://grady4gs.com/subscribe/

The UCU GS election system is a Single Transferable Vote (STV) election system. Voters put their favourite as number 1 and, if they wish to, put their second favourite as number 2. After the first round of counting, the candidate with the smallest number of first-preference votes will be eliminated, and the second-preference votes of the eliminated candidate will be ‘transferred’ to the two remaining candidates.

Please use your voteand encourage your colleagues to do so too! Turn out for the last GS election in 2017 was only 14%.

[closing words]

* * *