Endorsement from Dr Matt Lodder, University of Essex

Here is Matt’s endorsement video for the #Grady4GS campaign! Thank you for your support!

You can see it on Twitter or on YouTube (below). The transcript is at the bottom.


My name is Dr Matt Lodder from the University of Essex and I’m supporting Jo Grady for General Secretary of UCU.

I’ve just been really inspired by Jo’s activism, enthusiasm, energy, knowledge, and kindness over the past year or so in UCU circles.

I think during the strike when we were all struggling and really feeling, you know, slightly under siege—Jo’s tireless presence on picket lines and online in particular just, I think, gave us all some hope. I think at a time when the Union, our Union, desperately needs someone who kind of really understands the issues that our sector is facing, Jo seems to me to be the perfect candidate.

She’s someone who not only lives the reality as an academic of a sector under siege, but also someone who studies, works on, publishes on industrial relations in general, trade unions in particular. She seems best-placed both culturally, academically, intellectually, and in terms of her personality and charisma to lead this Union where it needs to go.

It’s been a tough few years I think for UCU, and for the sector, and it’s only going to get tougher and I think there’s no other candidate standing that has the range of skills and the emotional and intellectual fortitude I think to take all of us into the battles that are coming over the hill.

Vote for Jo!