Endorsement from Dr Nadine Ansorg, University of Kent

The ballot to elect UCU’s next General Secretary is open now, and I wholeheartedly support Jo Grady’s campaign and candidacy. I first heard from Jo during the pensions strike last yearshe was a very reliable (and funny!) go-to source for any questions related to pensions and the strike itself. In addition, USSbriefs which were co-initiated by Jo proved to be incredibly useful in discussions at our university and beyond.

But Jo Grady’s expertise and skills go far beyond the pension strike. For me, Jo is the candidate of the people. In her manifesto, she provides innovative ideas to transform the Union into an organisation that serves the members and involves them into all the main contentious issues we face in Higher Education. We sorely need such a grassroots union that fights in all our interests, and I strongly believe that this is possible with Jo.