Endorsement from Mr Michael Abberton, Senior Assessment Manager and UCU Healthy and Safety Rep, Cambridge Assessment English

Last week I attended the General Secretary hustings in Cambridge and now I’m wholly endorsing Jo Grady and I’d recommend that you look at her website and manifesto.

What the union needs right now certainly is not factionalism, confrontation and disunity. It needs to recognise that we are part of a wider trade union movementthe USS strike was won not because of any individual member or officer, or any interior pressure group, but because of solidarity between members and frankly would have been dead in the water without the support of the NUS. Jo was the only candidate to mention this at the hustings putting unity inside and outside the union as a priority.

Jo comes with no baggage and treats everyone with respect. She isn’t a career union officer but is coming straight from the chalkface. At Sheffield and Leicester she has certainly stood up and fought when the need arises, but doesn’t use confrontation or a union rulebook as her first recourse.

So please consider Jo as your candidate, but most importantly, please vote!