Endorsement from Dr Rhys Davies, Royal Holloway, University of London

I fully support Jo Grady’s candidacy for UCU General Secretary. Our sector has seen fundamental change since the tripling of student fees, where the commercialisation of Higher Education has resulted in Senior Management Teams being recruited from business. Gone are the days when senior academics, with a long history of teaching and research, undertake senior management roles. Policy is now decided by those who have never been in a classroom, who have never engaged one to one with a student. Where has our union been throughout this process? Reacting with a policy of appeasement and false compromise, like nocturnal creatures blinking in the harsh light of a new dawn. We need a General Secretary who knows what it is like to teach a cohort nownot in the halcyon days of full grants. Jo is the only candidate who can make this claim. We’ve had enough of Neville; it’s now time for a bit of Winston.